2014-06-25 09:08:12
Three new teasers on Youtube

Three new films has just been added on youtube. PLP with choir on PLP page. Excerpt from Pär´s Concerto you´ll find on Classical Artist page. Finally Hoedown played by Pär in a 20 years reunion gig of his old band TRITON at the Uppsala ArtRock Festival 2013. On Bass Guran Holmberg and on drums Putte Savedra both from the band Manticore. Enjoy!
2014-04-19 15:05:49
Two classical releases october 2014!

October this year there will be two classical album releases by Pär Lindh. His concerto in a-minor for oboe, violin, celesta, tubular bells and orchestra and other orchestra works will released as well as an album with over 20 classical works for organ, harpsichord and piano performed by Mr Lindh. Stay tuned for more info. Crimsonic Label
2013-12-20 18:54:18
Extraordinary reviews for Concerto!

Fantastic response and reviews to Lindhs new concerto. read all about it on the classical artist page!
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