2015-06-11 07:20:49
Successful NeoBaroque Concert!

Successful Concert with Pär Lindh´s Neo-Barock Music ! Pär Lindh performed his own music using baroque aesthetics with his Pär Lindh Orchestra in a very successful consert at Stockholm Early Music Festival 7th june this year. A quote for the assistant producer Anna-Katarina Schatzl: ¨Thank you for a fantastic consert! I didn´t realise there was anyone in our time and age who composed this kind of music, quite remarkable and just wounderful :)¨ A quote from Sarah Tehranian Marketing Assistant and Photographer ¨Thank you for your fantastic concert during SEMF. It was an amazing idea and become one of the most interesting and memorable concerts of this year.¨ A quote from one of the festival staff: ¨This was the best consert during the whole festival! and the most interesting of the programs.¨
2015-01-20 07:22:50
Radio & TV shows featuring Pär Lindh

In the past months Pär Lindh and his concerto has been featured on many radio shows in the US and Europe. This week and next week Pär´s music and also interviews with Pär will be on Estonian TV where his concerto has been very successful and has been broadcasted several times including on christmas day. Chicago classical radio made an extensive interview concerning Pär´s christmas concerto and the music of Pär Lindh Project last december. You can watch the Estonian TV program here and it gives you a good opportunity to improve your Estonian. Beginns at aprox 14.30
2014-12-01 10:53:15
Great reviews for the New Christmas album!

Read them on the Classical artist page.
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