2014-04-19 15:05:49
Two classical releases october 2014!

October this year there will be two classical album releases by Pär Lindh. His concerto in a-minor for oboe, violin, celesta, tubular bells and orchestra and other orchestra works will released as well as an album with over 20 classical works for organ, harpsichord and piano performed by Mr Lindh. Stay tuned for more info. Crimsonic Label
2013-12-20 18:54:18
Extraordinary reviews for Concerto!

Fantastic response and reviews to Lindhs new concerto. read all about it on the classical artist page!
2013-12-14 22:51:47
A successful year!

Merry Christmas and a Brave New Year 2014! From all of us in PLP and Crimsonic Label It was a truly remarkable year for Pär Lindh 2013 and we are looking forward to many concerts and a few CD releases during 2014. Pressquote from Swedish weekly New Times ¨Pär Lindh is one of the greatest composers in Sweden!¨ It is quite unique for any artist today to show such an impressive artistic command of different instruments as well as different genres of music and still be able to maintain the highest international quality as the composer and multiinstrumentalist Pär Lindh has done over this past year. No less than seven different concert programs as composer, consertorganist, pianist, harpsichordist, Hammond organist, keyboardist and percussionist. All of these performances has been highly successful recieving standing ovations and on every concert there were demands for encores. Here is a runthrough of the different concertprograms: 1. The Pär Lindh Show On piano Pär Lindh plays a string of ragtime, boogie & jazzclassics while entertaining the audience with comments on the music. Suddenly Pär slips over from piano to his Ludwig snaredrum and continues the piece before slipping elegantly back to the piano for a grande finale. The second half of the show celebrates ¨The drumkit 100 years¨. As an assistant brings forward each item of the drumkit as Pär tells the story of drums from the dawn of man to the present day. To round off the show Pär explains the best technique and ending the concert with a spectacular solo in the tradition of great Buddy Rich. 2. Harpsichordconcert ¨The lost knowledge¨ Pär Lindh has the ability to win over people who never heard of this instrument to become fans of the harpsichord. 3. Vivaldi the four seasons at Forshaga Chambermusicfestival. Stina Ekblad poetry, Nils- Erik Sparv Violin, Pär Lindh harpsichord with an baroque orchestra. A record was set this evening as the biggest audience of the festival ever showed up for the concert! 4. TRITON with Pär Lindh at The Crimson Art Rock festival in Uppsala. ¨Hammond organ power trio¨ with the state of the art real sound from the sixties and seventies. Pär´s customised C-3 Hammond organ, Fender and Rickenbacker basses and a Ludwig drumkit gives this trio a truly unique sound in the musicworld of today. 5. Pär Lindh Project or PLP as their fans calls them were headlining France´s biggest festival for intelligent contemporary rock, jazz, folk & fusion music at the Crescendo festival in Saint-Palais-sur-Mer outside Bordeaux. Rounding of this three days festival of music PLP walked onstage and performed to thousands of fans who had come from all over the world to see the band with a vocalist for the first time in soooo many years! 6. Organrace festival. Once again Pär was invited to play this festival in september at the most impressive baroque castle of Sweden. Pär Lindh played some of his own compositions as well as arrangments of classical orchestral works. 7. Consert in a minor for oboe, celesta, tubular bells and baroque orchestra. For the second time Pär performed his concerto . ¨Then Svenska Julkonserten¨ on the 24 november this year. This time the press were there and in newspapers of several nordic countries Pär Lindh was hailed as one of the greatest composers in Sweden today!
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